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November 11, 1868-June 21, 1940. French painter.

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SIRANI, Elisabetta
Portrait of Beatrice Cenci wr

ID: 09119

SIRANI, Elisabetta Portrait of Beatrice Cenci wr
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SIRANI, Elisabetta Portrait of Beatrice Cenci wr

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SIRANI, Elisabetta

Italian Baroque Era Painter, 1638-1665 Italian painter. She was the daughter of Giovanni Andrea Sirani (1610-70), who had been Guido Reni's principal assistant. Encouraged by Carlo Malvasia, her mentor and eventual biographer, she was painting professionally by the age of 17. Her prolific talent, as well as her reputed beauty and modesty, soon brought her European renown. The details of her training are unclear, but as a woman she would not have had access to an academy and (like many other professional women painters prior to the 20th century) she was probably taught by her father. Her sisters Anna Maria (1645-1715) and Barbara (alive in 1678) were also practising artists and Elisabetta herself is known to have had female students. As women, they could not undertake any formal study of the male nude, and Sirani's weakness in depicting male anatomy is sometimes clearly detectable in her work Sirani's drawings employ a highly individual pen-and-wash method, eschewing outline and employing quick, blunt strokes of barely dilute ink to create striking chiaroscuro effects   Related Paintings of SIRANI, Elisabetta :. | The Pastoral Concert | Ceiling Oculus | Kriget | Impression | Gefangen |
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