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November 11, 1868-June 21, 1940. French painter.

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BRUYN, Barthel
Vanitas Still-Life

ID: 05523

BRUYN, Barthel Vanitas Still-Life
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BRUYN, Barthel Vanitas Still-Life

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BRUYN, Barthel

German painter (b. 1493, Cologne, d. 1555, Cologne). German Renaissance painter, active in Cologne from 1515. Known especially for his portraits, which combine Northern realism with Italian-inspired monumentality and breadth, Bruyn also painted religious works such as the high altar at Essen Cathedral (1522). A portrait of a man and three religious works are in the Philadelphia Museum; many of his works are in Germany.   Related Paintings of BRUYN, Barthel :. | Portrait of a Man with Three Sons | Burgomaster Arnold von Brauweiler | Vanitas Still-Life | Vanitas still life from the reverse of | Portrait of a Young Woman hgktr |
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