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November 11, 1868-June 21, 1940. French painter.

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Arthur Clifton Goodwin
On South Boston Pier

ID: 44816

Arthur Clifton Goodwin On South Boston Pier
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Arthur Clifton Goodwin On South Boston Pier

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Arthur Clifton Goodwin

American Painter, ca.1864-1929  Related Paintings of Arthur Clifton Goodwin :. | Landscape in Moonlight (mk22) | Young woman powdering herself | View in the the fertile country | Joachim Antonisz Uytewael Kitchen Scene (mk14) | War scene |
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MOEYAERT, Claes Cornelisz.
Dutch painter (b. 1590/91, Durgerdam, d. 1655, Durgerdam) Dutch painter, etcher and draughtsman. He was the son of an aristocratic Catholic Amsterdam merchant and moved to the city with his family in 1605. He was the most prolific of the history painters now called the PRE-REMBRANDTISTS, whose representations of biblical and mythological narratives, as well as of more recent secular history, give particular emphasis to dramatic and psychological effects. After working initially as a draughtsman and etcher, Moeyaert soon made his name as a painter. Landscapes with animals feature prominently in both his etchings and his paintings. At first he followed the lead of Adam Elsheimer, then of fellow Pre-Rembrandtists Pieter Lastman and Jan and Jacob Pynas, eventually, in the mid-1630s,
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