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November 11, 1868-June 21, 1940. French painter.

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ID Painting  Oil Pantings, Sorted from A to Z     Painting Description
97009 Giorgione louvre Giorgione 1509(1509) Medium oil on canvas Dimensions 110 X 138 cm cyf
19959 The Grande Galerie at the Louvre between (mk05) louvre The Grande Galerie at the Louvre between (mk05) 1794 and 1796. Hubert Robert,Who devised and painted many projects for improving the Louvre,also left an accurate record of how the Louvre looked when Robert was made curator
20031 The Nativity (mk05) louvre The Nativity (mk05) Wood,65 1/2 x 65 1/2''(167 x 167 cm)Entered the Louvre in 1812
96526 Theodore Gericault louvre Theodore Gericault oil on canvas circa 1818 cyf

R.F.1948-36 M.N
Edouard Vuillard
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