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November 11, 1868-June 21, 1940. French painter.

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39971 The Banks of the Nile at Damanhur Prosper Marilhat The Banks of the Nile at Damanhur mk155 c.1843-1844 Oil on wood 31x45cm
39972 The Ruins of the El Hakim Mosque in Cairo Prosper Marilhat The Ruins of the El Hakim Mosque in Cairo mk155 1840 Oil on canvas 84.5x130.7cm
88713 Une rue de Caire Prosper Marilhat Une rue de Caire 1840(1840) Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions 63 x 45 cm cyf
62494 View of Ezbekiyah Prosper Marilhat View of Ezbekiyah 1835 Engraving Biblioth?que Nationale, Paris In 1834 the young French painter, Prosper Marilhat showed a view of Ezbekiyah Square, Cairo and three other Egyptian scenes at the Paris Salon. Like many of his generation, he had felt a restless urge to travel and had joined a scientific expedition led by an Austrian baron, Karl von Hugel, to the Near East. The artist was to die, insane, aged just thirty-six, and his Cairo scene survives only in a print. Author: MARILHAT, Prosper Title: View of Ezbekiyah, Cairo Form: graphics , 1801-1850 , French , landscape

Prosper Marilhat
French Academic Painter, 1811-1847, French painter. He painted his first landscapes and family portraits at Thiers and in the Auvergne before moving to Paris in 1829. After working as the pupil of Camille Roqueplan he was engaged by Baron Karl von H?gel for an expedition to the Near East (1831-3), from which he brought back numerous studies. He visited Greece, Syria, Lebanon and Palestine, stayed in Egypt from October 1831 to May 1833 and returned by way of Rhodes and Corfu. Cairo, the villages of the Delta and Upper Egypt proved to be sources of inspiration for later works.
Edouard Vuillard
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