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November 11, 1868-June 21, 1940. French painter.

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ID Painting  Oil Pantings, Sorted from A to Z     Painting Description
28315 A Visit to Aesculapius Poynter, Sir Edward John A Visit to Aesculapius 1883 Oil on canvas 151.1 x 228.6 cm (59 1/2 x 90 in) Tate Gallery London (mk63)
19931 A Visit to Aesculipius Poynter, Sir Edward John A Visit to Aesculipius Poynter, Sir Edward John
19932 Cave of the Storm Nymphs Poynter, Sir Edward John Cave of the Storm Nymphs 1903 Oil on canvas Private collection
86984 Cave of the Storm Nymphs Poynter, Sir Edward John Cave of the Storm Nymphs 1903(1903) Medium Oil on canvas cyf
19930 Chloe, Dulcis Docta Modos et Citherae Sciens Poynter, Sir Edward John Chloe, Dulcis Docta Modos et Citherae Sciens 1893 Oil on canvas
76306 Diadumene Poynter, Sir Edward John Diadumene Oil on canvas, 20 x 20 in, Location: Royal Albert Memorial Museum, Exeter Date 1884 cyf
84725 Funchal Morning Sun Poynter, Sir Edward John Funchal Morning Sun 1877(1877) Medium oil on canvas cyf
19929 Israel in Egypt Poynter, Sir Edward John Israel in Egypt Oil on canvas Guildhall Art Gallery, London
28173 Peacock Frieze (detail) Poynter, Sir Edward John Peacock Frieze (detail) 1866 Paint on Minton blank tiles 111.75 x 63.5cm(44 x 25 in)Grill Room,Victoria and Albert Museum,London (mk63)

Poynter, Sir Edward John
English Classicist Painter, 1836-1919 English painter, draughtsman, decorative designer and museum official. He came from an artistic family: his great-grandfather was Thomas Banks the sculptor, and Ambrose Poynter, his father, was an architect and watercolour painter. Edward began studying art in 1852 under Thomas Shotter Boys, a friend of his father. In 1853-4 Poynter visited Rome, where he was greatly impressed by the large-scale academic painting of Frederic Leighton. Returning to London, he studied at Leigh's Academy and the studio of William Dobson (1817-1898). Poynter entered the Royal Academy Schools in 1855 but his admiration for French painting led him to Charles Gleyre's studio in Paris the following year. He remained there until 1859, with fellow students George Du Maurier, Thomas Armstrong and Whistler; their activities are described in Du Maurier's novel Trilby (1894). At this time Poynter received his first commissions for decorative work. He began designing stained glass and painting furniture and, after his return to England, he was employed by his friend the architect William Burges to decorate the ceiling of Waltham Abbey, Essex, in 1860.
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