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November 11, 1868-June 21, 1940. French painter.

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ID Painting  Oil Pantings, Sorted from A to Z     Painting Description
58809 Breakfast of an Aristocrate Pavel Fedotov Breakfast of an Aristocrate Breakfast of an Aristocrate
58806 Difficult Bride Pavel Fedotov Difficult Bride Difficult Bride, 1842
58810 Fresh Cavalier Pavel Fedotov Fresh Cavalier Fresh Cavalier (Morning of a bureaucrat receiving his first cross)
58814 Major Betrothal Pavel Fedotov Major Betrothal Major's Betrothal, 1848
57126 Major proposed Pavel Fedotov Major proposed mk253 canvas 58.3 x 75.4 cm Moscow in 1848, the State Tretyakov Gallery collection
58815 Portrait of N P Zhdanovich at the Harpsichord Pavel Fedotov Portrait of N P Zhdanovich at the Harpsichord Portrait of N P Zhdanovich at the Harpsichord
40699 The Major-s Courtship Pavel Fedotov The Major-s Courtship mk156 1848 Oil on canvas 58.3x75.3cm
49136 The Major-s Marriage Proposal Pavel Fedotov The Major-s Marriage Proposal mk193 1848 Oil on canvas 58.3x75.4cm
49137 The Newly Decorated Civil Servant Pavel Fedotov The Newly Decorated Civil Servant mk193 1846 Oil on canvas 48.2x42.5cm
57127 Young widow Pavel Fedotov Young widow mk253 oil painting 64 x 45 cm Moscow in 1851, the State Tretyakov Gallery collection
58808 Young widow Pavel Fedotov Young widow Young widow, 1851

Pavel Fedotov
1815-1852 Realism Russian Russian painter and draughtsman. He was noted for his satirical critique of Russian life of the mid-19th century. He attended the First Moscow Military School (1826-33), then served in St Petersburg in the Finnish Regiment Life-Guards. While earning a reputation as an honest and hard-working officer, he drew a great deal, played the flute and took part in amateur theatrical performances. Having become established as the regimental artist, in 1834 he began to attend evening classes at the St Petersburg Academy of Arts. In November 1843, after a long period of doubt, he resigned his commission in the army in order to become a professional artist. He began to attend the Academy regularly and joined the battle-painting class of Aleksander Zauerveid (1783-1844),
Edouard Vuillard
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