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November 11, 1868-June 21, 1940. French painter.

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Here are all the paintings of MOLYN, Pieter de 01

ID Painting  Oil Pantings, Sorted from A to Z     Painting Description
83671 Deposition MOLYN, Pieter de Deposition oil on Canvas. Date XVII cyf
8248 Dunes g MOLYN, Pieter de Dunes g 1626 Oil on wood, 26 x 36 cm Herzog Anton Ulrich-Museum, Braunschweig
86258 Dutch Vessels at Sea in Stormy Weather MOLYN, Pieter de Dutch Vessels at Sea in Stormy Weather first half of 17th century Medium Oil on oak panel Dimensions Height: 40 cm (15.7 in). Width: 61 cm (24 in). cyf
8249 Landscape with Conversing Peasants sg MOLYN, Pieter de Landscape with Conversing Peasants sg Oil on canvas, 90 x 98 cm Museum of Fine Arts, Budapest

MOLYN, Pieter de
English-born Dutch Baroque Era Painter, 1595-1661 Dutch painter, draughtsman and etcher of English birth and Flemish descent. His father, Pieter de Molijn, came from Ghent and his mother, Lynken van den Bossche, from Brussels. It is not known why they went to England, perhaps for employment rather than to avoid religious persecution. Pieter the younger apparently remained proud of his birthplace throughout his life
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