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November 11, 1868-June 21, 1940. French painter.

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92740 Herdsmen Huts at Macugnaga Leonardo Bazzaro Herdsmen Huts at Macugnaga 1895(1895) Medium oil on canvas Dimensions Height: 93.5 cm (36.8 in). Width: 132 cm (52 in). cjr
92827 Women at the Fountain in Sottomarina di Chioggia Leonardo Bazzaro Women at the Fountain in Sottomarina di Chioggia between 1925(1925) and 1930(1930) Medium oil on panel Dimensions Height: 60.5 cm (23.8 in). Width: 99 cm (39 in). cjr
92854 Young Woman from Ciociara Leonardo Bazzaro Young Woman from Ciociara 1877(1877) Medium oil on canvas Dimensions Height: 54.5 cm (21.5 in). Width: 44.5 cm (17.5 in). cjr
92853 Young Woman with Goats near Rustic Dwelling Leonardo Bazzaro Young Woman with Goats near Rustic Dwelling between 1915(1915) and 1920(1920) Medium oil on canvas Dimensions Height: 90 cm (35.4 in). Width: 60 cm (23.6 in). cjr

Leonardo Bazzaro
(Milan, 1853-1937) was an Italian painter. After picking up the basics in the studio of the painter Gaetano Fasanotti, Bazzaro enrolled at the Brera Academy in Milan, where he was awarded the Fumagalli Prize in 1875. The following years saw a series of perspective views set in Milanese churches and mansions. The success achieved with the public and critics alike at a number of major national and international events prompted him to take an interest also in portraiture and landscape painting, for which his favourite settings were Venice and Chioggia. The works of the 1880s and 1890s also include increasingly intimist scenes of everyday life in the setting of Valsassina, Valle deAosta and Verbano. Bazzaro continued to take part in numerous exhibitions in the region of Lombardy as well as the Venice Biennale and the Rome Quadrenniale right up to his death, always achieving great success with collectors and being asked to execute replicas of his most popular subjects.
Edouard Vuillard
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