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November 11, 1868-June 21, 1940. French painter.

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83977 Renganeschi's Saturday Night John French Sloan Renganeschi's Saturday Night 1912(1912) Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions 66.68 x 81.28 cm (26.3 x 32 in) cyf
80650 Renganeschi's Saturday Night (1912) by John Sloan John French Sloan Renganeschi's Saturday Night (1912) by John Sloan Renganeschi's Saturday Night (1912) by John Sloan oil on canvas, 66.68 x 81.28 cm, The Art Institute of Chicago cjr

John French Sloan
(August 2, 1871 - September 7, 1951) was a U.S. artist. As a member of The Eight, a group of American artists, he became a leading figure in the Ashcan School of realist artists. He was known for his urban genre painting and ability to capture the essence of neighborhood life in New York City, often through his window. Sloan has been called "the premier artist of the Ashcan School who painted the inexhaustible energy and life of New York City during the first decades of the twentieth century",and an "early twentieth-century realist painter who embraced the principles of socialism and placed his artistic talents at the service of those beliefs."
Edouard Vuillard
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