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November 11, 1868-June 21, 1940. French painter.

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Here are all the paintings of Jenaro Perez Villaamil 01

ID Painting  Oil Pantings, Sorted from A to Z     Painting Description
28754 GTaucin Castle Jenaro Perez Villaamil GTaucin Castle mk61 Oil on canvas 147x225cm
22841 Herd of Cattle Resting on a Riverbank in Front of a Castle (mk22) Jenaro Perez Villaamil Herd of Cattle Resting on a Riverbank in Front of a Castle (mk22) 1837 Oil on canvas,90 x 114 cm Madrid,Museo Nacional del Prado

Jenaro Perez Villaamil
1807-1854 was born in Ferrol, Galicia. He was a remarkable painter and prime example of the Galician Romantic Movement. In his work, particularly in his landscapes, he shows an unmistakable taste for the English painters of the same period. Most of his paintings are exhibited at Museo del Prado in Madrid, the city where he died.
Edouard Vuillard
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