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November 11, 1868-June 21, 1940. French painter.

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ID Painting  Oil Pantings, Sorted from A to Z     Painting Description
72258 Autumn at Mount Chocorua Jasper Cropsey Autumn at Mount Chocorua Date ca. 1869(1869) Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions 60.5 X 112.4 cm (23.82 X 44.25 in) cyf
31897 Autumn on the Hudson River Jasper Cropsey Autumn on the Hudson River mk77 1860 Oil on canvas 60x108in
3940 Distant Foothills Jasper Cropsey Distant Foothills   
3935 Greenwood Lake Jasper Cropsey Greenwood Lake   
45332 Greenwood Lake Jasper Cropsey Greenwood Lake mk181 1870 Ol auf Leinwand 97x174cm
39284 Greenwood Lake,New Jersey Jasper Cropsey Greenwood Lake,New Jersey mk146 1866 Oil on canvas
45334 Herbst am Hudson River Jasper Cropsey Herbst am Hudson River mk181 1860 Ol auf Leinwand 152.4x274.3cm
3938 Lake George Jasper Cropsey Lake George   
3942 Mountain Glimpse Jasper Cropsey Mountain Glimpse   
97885 Natureza Morta Jasper Cropsey Natureza Morta from 1625(1625) until 1650(1650) Medium oil on copper Dimensions 48 x 60 cm cyf
3941 River Isle Jasper Cropsey River Isle   
3936 Seclusion Jasper Cropsey Seclusion   
3937 Serenity Jasper Cropsey Serenity   
45333 Starrucca-Viadukt Jasper Cropsey Starrucca-Viadukt mk181 Pennsylvania 1865 Ol auf Leinwand 56.8x92.4cm
3939 Sunset Sailing Jasper Cropsey Sunset Sailing   
3943 Sunset, Hudson River Jasper Cropsey Sunset, Hudson River 1897 12 x 20 in Brigham Young University

Jasper Cropsey
American Hudson River School Painter, 1823-1900 Jasper Francis Cropsey (February 18, 1823 - April 23, 1900) was an important American landscape artist of the Hudson River School. Cropsey was born on his father Jacob Rezeau Cropsey's farm in Rossville on Staten Island, New York, the oldest of eight children. As a young boy, Cropsey had recurring periods of poor health. While absent from school, Cropsey taught himself to draw. His early drawings included architectural sketches and landscapes drawn on notepads and in the margins of his schoolbooks. After studying architecture for five years, he turned his attention to landscape painting, under the instruction of Edward Maury. He visited England, France, Switzerland, and Italy in 1847, went abroad again in 1855, and resided seven years in London, sending his pictures to the Royal Academy and to the International exhibition of 1862. After his return home in 1863, he opened a studio in New York, where he resided until 1885, when he removed to Hastings-on-Hudson. Trained as an architect, he set up his own office in 1843. Cropsey studied watercolor and life drawing at the National Academy of Design and first exhibited there in 1844. A year later he was elected an associate member and turned exclusively to landscape painting in the 1840s, shortly after he was featured in an exhibition entitled "Italian Compositions." Cropsey married Maria Cooley in May 1847, traveled in Europe from 1847-1849, was elected a full member of the Academy in 1851, and lived in England 1856-1863. During this time he specialized in autumnal landscape paintings of the northeastern United States, often idealized and with vivid colors. One such painting is "The Valley of the Wyoming" set in eastern Pennsylvania. The name of this valley was given to the western state of Wyoming. He co-founded, with ten fellow artists, the American Society of Painters in Water Colors in 1866.
Edouard Vuillard
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