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November 11, 1868-June 21, 1940. French painter.

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ID Painting  Oil Pantings, Sorted from A to Z     Painting Description
1710 A New Generation Jan Toorop A New Generation 1892 Museum Boymansvan Beuningen, Rotterdam
11717 Desire and Gratification(The Appeasing) Jan Toorop Desire and Gratification(The Appeasing) 1893 2' 6'' x 2' 11 1/2''(76 x 90 cm)
53332 Desire and Satisfaction Jan Toorop Desire and Satisfaction mk229 1893 oil on canvas 1893 76x90cm
54278 Shell Gathering on the Beach Jan Toorop Shell Gathering on the Beach mk235 1891 Oil on canvs 61.5x66cm
53316 Soul Searching Jan Toorop Soul Searching mk229 1893 Watercolour 16.5x18cm
54277 The Dunes and the Sea at Zoutlande Jan Toorop The Dunes and the Sea at Zoutlande mk235 1907 Oil on canvas 47.5x61.5cm
92962 The new generation Jan Toorop The new generation 1892(1892) Medium oil on canvas Dimensions 96.5 X 110 cm (38 X 43.3 in) cjr
34007 The Three Brides Jan Toorop The Three Brides mk87 c.1892/93 Pencil,Black and coloured chald on paper 78x98cm Otterloo,Rijksmuseum Kroller Muller
40832 The Three Brides Jan Toorop The Three Brides mk156 1893 Oil on canvas 78x97.8cm
21545 The Three Brides (mk09) Jan Toorop The Three Brides (mk09) c .1892/93 Pencil,black and coloured chalk on paper,78 x 98 cm Otterloo,Rijksmuseum Kroller-Muller
22315 The Young Generation (mk19) Jan Toorop The Young Generation (mk19) 1892 Oil on canvas.96.5 x 110 cm Museum Boymans-van Beunigen,Rotterdam
54279 Three Women with Flowers Jan Toorop Three Women with Flowers mk235 c.1885/8 Oil on canvas 110x95cm
23154 Trio Fleuri (nn02) Jan Toorop Trio Fleuri (nn02) 1885-1886 Oil on canvas 43 5/16 x 37 3/8'' Collection Haags Gemeentemuseum,The Hague

Jan Toorop
1858-1928 Dutch Jan Toorop Gallery He moved to the Netherlands in 1872 and took a course in drawing at the Polytechnische School in Delft (1876-9). He also studied at the Rijksakademie voor Beeldende Kunsten in Amsterdam (1880-82) and at the Ecole des Arts D?coratifs in Brussels (1882-5). In Amsterdam he joined the St Lukas Society, and in Belgium he was a founder-member of Les XX in 1884. Although he had met Jozef Isra?ls in 1880 and respected the style of the Hague school, he was more attracted by what he saw in Brussels, particularly work by French artists. His portraits of 1884 are painted in an Impressionist style. With other members of Les XX he trained himself in plein-air; he learnt from James Ensor how to apply colours with a palette knife and how to use white with the same intensity as other colours. His style, however, remained austere and his scenes of workmen show a sensitive realism reminiscent of Gustave Courbet's work, for example Respect for the Dead.
Edouard Vuillard
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