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November 11, 1868-June 21, 1940. French painter.

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ID Painting  Oil Pantings, Sorted from A to Z     Painting Description
26779 Giovanni da san giovanni Giovanni da san giovanni Giovanni da san giovanni mk52 c.1616 Fresco on ceramic tile 51.6x37.4cm Uffizi,Florence
28935 Painting Depicing Fame Giovanni da san giovanni Painting Depicing Fame mk65 Fresco on terra cotta 20 11/16x14 15/16in Pitti,Palatine Gallery
28936 Phaeton and Apollo Giovanni da san giovanni Phaeton and Apollo mk65 Fresco on plaster on matwork 24 7/16in Uffizi,
83990 Portrait of Elizabeth Farnese Giovanni da san giovanni Portrait of Elizabeth Farnese Date 18th century cyf
28934 The Wedding Night Giovanni da san giovanni The Wedding Night mk65 Oil on canvas 90 15/16x137in Pitti
28933 Venus Combing Cupid's Hair Giovanni da san giovanni Venus Combing Cupid's Hair mk65 Oil on canvas 90 3/16x68 1/8in Pitti,
95886 Venus Combing Cupids Hair Giovanni da san giovanni Venus Combing Cupids Hair circa 1630(1630) Medium oil on canvas cyf

Giovanni da san giovanni
1592-1636 Italian painter and draughtman. He was the most distinguished of the artists working in fresco in 17th-century Florence. An eccentric personality, he was attracted by the charm and informality of northern art and by a satirical approach to Classical themes. He went to Florence in 1608 to study in the workshop of Matteo Rosselli, where he learnt both fresco and oil painting techniques and drew extensively (Baldinucci). In 1615 he painted two ceiling canvases of Putti Supporting the Impresa of Michelangelo for a room in the Casa Buonarroti and in the same period frescoed the dome of the church of the Ognissanti, Florence (completed 1615), with a choir of musician angels. He also painted five lunettes showing scenes from the Life of St Francis in the cloister (completed 1619; in situ). In 1616 his frescoed decoration of an Allegory of Florence (destr.; preparatory drawing, Florence, Uffizi, G.D.S. U. 1122F) on the fa?ade of Cosimo II de' Medici's house in Piazza della Calza won him unexpected and lasting fame. His early works also included several tabernacles, made for patrons in the town and in the surrounding countryside. The Virgin and Child with Saints
Edouard Vuillard
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