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November 11, 1868-June 21, 1940. French painter.

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ID Painting  Oil Pantings, Sorted from A to Z     Painting Description
54301 Bavarian Drummers Fritz von Uhde Bavarian Drummers mk235 1883 Oil on canvas
54300 Big Sister Fritz von Uhde Big Sister mk235 1892 Oil on canvas 1885 48.5x33cm
70681 Die grobe Schwester Fritz von Uhde Die grobe Schwester Medium Oil on canvas Dimensions 48,5 x 33 cm
54298 Fish child in Zandvoot Fritz von Uhde Fish child in Zandvoot mk235 1882 Oil on canvas 60x80cm
38669 Grace Fritz von Uhde Grace mk138 1885 Oil on canvas 130x165cm
34026 In the Garden Fritz von Uhde In the Garden mk87 1906 Oil on canvas 70x100cm Mannheim,Stadtische Kunsthalle Mannheim
54325 In the Garden Fritz von Uhde In the Garden mk235 1906 Oil on canvas 70x100cm
38668 Little Heathland Princess Fritz von Uhde Little Heathland Princess mk138 1889 Oil on canvas 140x111cm
98049 Old woman with a pitcher Fritz von Uhde Old woman with a pitcher second half of 19th century Medium oil on canvas Dimensions 61 x 49 cm cyf
54299 Two daughters in the garden Fritz von Uhde Two daughters in the garden mk235 1892 Oil on canvas 1892 145.5x116.5cm

Fritz von Uhde
German, 1848-1911 was a German painter of genre and religious subjects. His style lay between Realism and .Uhde was born in Wolkenburg, Saxony. In 1866 he was admitted to the Academy of Fine Arts in Dresden, but later that year he left his studies for military service, and from 1867 to 1877 he was a professor of horsemanship to the regiment of the assembled guard. He moved to Munich in 1877 to attend the Academy of Fine Arts. In Munich he particularly admired the Dutch old masters, and in 1879 he travelled to Paris where his studies of the Dutch painters continued under Mihely Munkecsy's supervision. In 1882 a journey to Holland brought about a change in his style, as he abandoned the dark chiaroscuro he had learned in Munich in favor of a colorism informed by the works of the French Impressionists. His work was often rejected by the official art criticism, and by the public, because his representations of ordinary scenes were considered vulagar or ugly. The critic Otto Julius Bierbaum was more sympathetic; in 1893, he wrote, "As a painter of children, for example, Uhde is extraordinarily distinguished. He does not depict them as sweetly as used to be popular; in other words not as amusing or charming dolls, but with extreme, very strict naturalness." In about 1890, Uhde became a professor at the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich.
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