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November 11, 1868-June 21, 1940. French painter.

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Here are all the paintings of Erik Henningsen 01

ID Painting  Oil Pantings, Sorted from A to Z     Painting Description
75288 A wounded worker), Erik Henningsen A wounded worker), English: En såret arbejder (A wounded worker), oil painting by Erik Henningsen Date 1895 cyf
75291 An agitator Erik Henningsen An agitator English: En agitator (An agitator), oil painting by Erik Henningsen Date 1899 cyf
74381 Barnemordet Erik Henningsen Barnemordet English: Erik Henningsen: Summus jus, summa injuria / Barnemordet (The infantcide), oil painting by Erik Henningsen Date 1886 cyf
73686 En agitator Erik Henningsen En agitator En agitator (An agitator), oil painting by Erik Henningsen 1899(1899)
82381 En Begravelse Erik Henningsen En Begravelse oil on canvas, 95 by 141.5 cm. Statens Museum for Kunst. Date 1883(1883) cyf
75289 Evicted Erik Henningsen Evicted English: Sat ud (Evicted), oil painting by Erik Henningsen Date 1892 cyf
74382 farmers in the capital Erik Henningsen farmers in the capital Bønder i hovedstaden (farmers in the capital), oil painting by Erik Henningsen Date 1887(1887) cyf
73685 Sat ud Erik Henningsen Sat ud Sat ud (Evicted), oil painting by Erik Henningsen cjr

Erik Henningsen
(29 August 1855 - 28 November 1930) was a Danish painter and illustrator. He is best known for his Social Realist paintings of poor and exposed groups in the 1880s and 1890s. He was the younger brother of Frants Henningsen who was also a painter. Erik Henningsen was born on 29 August 1855 in Copenhagen to Frants Ludvig Henningsen (1820-1869), a grocer, and Hilda Charlotte Christine ne Schou (1824-1880). He showed an early artistic talent and was articled to decorative painter A. Hellesen. He also took drawing lessons privately with C. V. Nielsen and was admitted to the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 1873. He graduated in 1877 and won several awards and distinctions, including the Academy's Annual Medal in 1887 and 1890, the Ancher Prize in 1889.
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