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November 11, 1868-June 21, 1940. French painter.

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Here are all the paintings of Carl Wilhelmson 01

ID Painting  Oil Pantings, Sorted from A to Z     Painting Description
65604 afton vid hamnen Carl Wilhelmson afton vid hamnen 1909, vaggmalning se
65600 batar vid fiskebackskil Carl Wilhelmson batar vid fiskebackskil se
65567 byhandeln Carl Wilhelmson byhandeln 1896 se
65559 det gamla paret Carl Wilhelmson det gamla paret 1892 se
65603 en allegori Carl Wilhelmson en allegori 1901, vaggmalning se
65562 fiskarkvinnor bindande nat Carl Wilhelmson fiskarkvinnor bindande nat 1894 se
65602 fiskebackskil Carl Wilhelmson fiskebackskil se
65599 fiskebatar, odaterad Carl Wilhelmson fiskebatar, odaterad se
65570 flicka Carl Wilhelmson flicka 1897
65583 flicka i  blatt Carl Wilhelmson flicka i blatt 1904 se
65596 for vart dagliga brod Carl Wilhelmson for vart dagliga brod 1925 se
65574 frukost Carl Wilhelmson frukost 1898 se
65580 gardens dotter Carl Wilhelmson gardens dotter 1902 se
65593 hjalmar lundbohm Carl Wilhelmson hjalmar lundbohm 1923, linjeetsning se
65594 hjalmar lundbohm Carl Wilhelmson hjalmar lundbohm 1923 se
65563 interior fran bohuslan Carl Wilhelmson interior fran bohuslan 1895 se
65598 interior fran lansstyrelsens sessionssal Carl Wilhelmson interior fran lansstyrelsens sessionssal se
65581 juniafton Carl Wilhelmson juniafton 1902 se
65578 konstnarens syster Carl Wilhelmson konstnarens syster 1899 se
65576 kvinna med katt Carl Wilhelmson kvinna med katt 1898
65588 kyrkfolk i bat Carl Wilhelmson kyrkfolk i bat 1909 se
65582 kyrkogardsporten Carl Wilhelmson kyrkogardsporten 1903 se
64735 modellstudie Carl Wilhelmson modellstudie 1890 se
65560 modellstudie Carl Wilhelmson modellstudie 1892 se
65601 molnstudie Carl Wilhelmson molnstudie se
65595 nackrosor Carl Wilhelmson nackrosor 1923 se
65566 natknyterska Carl Wilhelmson natknyterska 1895 se
23178 On the Rocks at Fiskebackskil (nn02 Carl Wilhelmson On the Rocks at Fiskebackskil (nn02 1905-1906 Oil on canvas,49 5/8 x 59 7/16'' Goteborgs Konstmuseum,Sweden
65585 pa berget Carl Wilhelmson pa berget 1905 se
65586 pa skeppsbron Carl Wilhelmson pa skeppsbron 1907, skiss till vaggmalning i centralposthuset se
65592 pa slipen Carl Wilhelmson pa slipen 1918 se
65589 pigorna i avila Carl Wilhelmson pigorna i avila 1910 se
65587 plojare Carl Wilhelmson plojare 1907, studie till vararbete se
65571 portratt av marit gardellericson Carl Wilhelmson portratt av marit gardellericson 1897 se
65565 resignation Carl Wilhelmson resignation 1895 se
65597 ro Carl Wilhelmson ro 1925 se
65557 sjalvportratt Carl Wilhelmson sjalvportratt 1888 se
65590 sommar Carl Wilhelmson sommar 1911 se
65591 sommar Carl Wilhelmson sommar 1915 se
65584 staende fiskare Carl Wilhelmson staende fiskare 1904-1905 se
65561 studie av naken manlig modell Carl Wilhelmson studie av naken manlig modell 1895 se
65575 systrar Carl Wilhelmson systrar 1898 se
65573 trott Carl Wilhelmson trott 1898 se
65564 under tysta massan Carl Wilhelmson under tysta massan 1895 se
65577 undine Carl Wilhelmson undine 1898 se
67281 vararbete i uppland Carl Wilhelmson vararbete i uppland   
65568 vid fadrens gravar Carl Wilhelmson vid fadrens gravar 1897 se
65569 vid fadrens gravar Carl Wilhelmson vid fadrens gravar 1897 se
65572 vid vastkusten Carl Wilhelmson vid vastkusten 1898 se
65579 viken Carl Wilhelmson viken 1901 se

Carl Wilhelmson
1866-1928 Swedish painter and lithographer. Wilhelmson trained first as a commercial lithographer in Göteborg. In 1886 he enrolled as a student of decorative painting at Valand College of Art where his teacher was Carl (Olof) Larsson. In 1888, having obtained a travel grant, he went to Leipzig to study lithographic technique. From 1890 to 1896 he lived in Paris, where he worked as a lithographer and commercial artist and studied at the Academie Julian. Wilhelmson's preferred subject-matter was the coastal landscape of Bohuslen and the people of its little fishing villages with their huddles of wooden houses. There is no trace of ethnography in his depictions of local life; they are full of serious realism and display a sensitive insight into the perilous life of the fishermen, with which he had been familiar since childhood. In the Village Shop
Edouard Vuillard
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